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FAQ: Divorce Lawyer Requirements in Adelaide

The process of divorce is complex. It is the reason; divorce lawyer Adelaide need to keep a detailed FAQ ready to help the clients navigate the way through. If there are any other questions other than this list, then they keep on adding them to the list to keep it updated.Add paragraph text here.

Can I Get a Divorce Immediately?

Normally, a couple has to stay separated for one year before applying for a divorce. For couples who have been married for less than two years, the couple has to attend marriage counseling. A family lawyer Adelaide will suggest accordingly.

How Long Will it Take To Get The Divorce?

As said earlier, the couple has to stay separated for 12 months. After applying for it, the process takes three months. If there are any other difficulties, the process may take longer. A good divorce lawyer Adelaide manages to get the case closed in the least possible time.

What If Both Are Living in The Family Home?

As per law, separation happens when the partners stop living together as a couple. The decision can be taken by any of them. It need not be a joint decision. The condition is to stay separated for 12 months at least. Even the application need not be filled together. You can oppose the application if any of the partners do not agree that the separation period is more than 12 months.

Can Couples Who Got Married Overseas Get a Divorce in Australia?

If the couple meets any of these requirements – the couple has to be a citizen of Australia or they should be living in Australia permanently, or they have been living in Australia before applying for the divorce. A copy of the marriage certificate is required. If the certificate is not in English, then it has to be translated from the respective language.

Is it Mandatory to Appear In Court?

If the application has been made jointly, then none of them is supposed to attend the court.

Can a Person Change The Surname Of Kids?

To change the surname, a separated parent is supposed to get an agreement of the other parent or an order of the court. A divorce lawyer can suggest it if any of the partners do not get an agreement.

These are not the complete FAQs. The list can get updated based on every case. family lawyer Adelaide can help people in getting a divorce without hassles.

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